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3 Technical info

The lifestyle on the island of Biševo represents a true return to nature and a challenge to man today, while coping with a lack of technological devices, a food store, tap water and human company. We therefore urge you to get to know yourselves with life conditions on the island in order to be sufficiently prepared.

The fact that Biševo Island is barely approachable and relatively isolated has both its advantages and disadvantages.

There is no drinkable water — We ask you to bring sufficient quantities of water for drinking and cooking. For washing dishes, clothes and taking a shower, water is retrievable as rainwater.

There are no food stores — A good organisation is therefore necessary. We urge you to bring with you everything you might need during your stay: from food to hammock (our sincere recommendation!) as well as some reading for the beach.

Let us love and respect each other and have fun — celebrating the fact that we are alive :)

Accommodation and meals

There are five separate rooms with eight beds, a functional kitchenette, two toilets, a terrace and a garden.

It is possible to camp in the very surroundings of the house or simply hang the hammock.

Accommodation and two hot meals per day are covered by the organizers, the capacity is limited to 20 participants. All travel cost should be covered by the participant.

Home appliances in the kitchen include stove, refrigerator, a bread maker, blender and water heater. Water is collected in a tank and unfortunately is not drinkable but can be used for dishwashing and watering.

Our guests can use our laptop and Wi-Fi. It is recomended to bring your own equipement needed.

The house is located 50m from the sandy beach where there are two catering facilities.

How to get to Biševo?

Biševo is the most distant inhabited island in the Republic of Croatia and the only island reachable from another island by ferry. In order to arrive at the island of Biševo, you have to take a ferry from Split to the island of Vis and then a bus to take you to Komiza. From Komiza harbour every day at 8 AM the departure to Biševo is scheduled, by state boat line no. 612, which you must take in order to reach the Porat bay at Biševo. The journey lasts for around 1 hour and 20 minutes. The price of the two-way ticket is 50 HRK (cca 8 EUR)

Other option, apart from the mentioned boat line several speedboat taxis are offered, in order to reach Biševo, that require about 15 minutes and are able to transfer passengers at any time, at the price of cca. 100 kn per person. These services are available exclusively from May till October.

In order to reach Split (or Vis) please consult the ferry schedule.

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