Welcome to Bisevo!


Art has always been a driver of social change is a belief that brings together a group of like-minded individuals that started Biševo Island Artist Residency.


The island of Biševo, its unique cultural and historical landscape, as well as its local community, is being systematically reshaped by mass tourism.


A sustainable symbiosis of tourism and culture on the island, achieved by forming an active alternative community of creatives, artists and scientists.


Creating a research center, a residential space for collaborations and various initiatives, with a focus on experimentalism and cross-sector collaborations.


Create positive experiences through which both visitors and locals participate in life on the island and become part of its cultural landscape. The above established framework of activities will complement and build on each other encouraging a relationship of care and love towards the island of Biševo.

Who are our residents?

Our work is focused on partnerships with other organizations and associations from the art, culture, ecology, biology and astronomy departments. The goal of our work is to create partnerships and initiatives that are focused on tangible results. The residency is a centre of exploration, creation and experimentality with the aim for cross-sector collaboration. The space is also acceptive for independent individuals who are initiating the projects in tune with the work of the residency.

Short video from summer residence 2017

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