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Why Bisevo needs artists?

Art has always been the initiator of change, a subtle anarchist, critic and a teacher. Throughout the time it evolves and changes style, however it is persistent in letting every individual to experience it in its own intimate manner and it transforms the way we see the world.

The Nature has a very similar influence on human psyche; it brings changes, independently of mankind, that often leaves us humbled. Biševo, the unavoidable gem of Vis archipelago became, throughout the years, the attraction for significant number of tourists. In search for a “wild and Robinson-like” experience, they are unintentionally penetrating into the island’s essence and tradition in a way that becomes unsustainable.

Goethe said: It seems like art and nature are mutually exclusive, however they come together faster than we can imagine. Founding the artist residency is an act of rebellion against forgetting the island’s tradition and history, while simultaneously preserving its nature and spirit.

Surrounded by almost untouched nature, the artists are free to create and explore. Because of the love that we feel for the island we want to refine it with the people who bring beauty, creativity and are living in balance with nature.

The residency is the community of artists, innovators, thinkers, intellectuals, misfits and anyone who is not afraid to think differently. These people are offering the visitors of cove Porat the insight into their ideas and artistry that leaves no one indifferent. Once you leave the island we want to you to stay truly inspired by the desire to come back, learn more and protect its raw beauty and identity.

BIAR - Biševo Island Art Residency

The BIAR residency program enables artists, scientists and creatives of various interests and research methods to enrich their everyday life through a residency on the island of Biševo.

Residences are pre-arranged for 1-2 weeks, with arrivals and departures every Friday, due to the compliance of ferry lines with Split . BIAR fosters experimentalism and interdisciplinary cross-sector collaborations. The unique work and living space encourages residents to cooperate - an interdisciplinary experiment on the offshore island.

In addition to pre-organized residencies through associations and professional organizations, BIAR also enables parachute participation. It implies the arrival of artists / scientists, curious people, the audience and a joint stay which can be in the form of participation in their artistic / scientific activities or in participation through assistance by working on other people's projects, activities related to residence, stone garden-dry stone wall. The participation of this category of users depends primarily on the current accommodation capacity of BIAR.

We insist that the works / research be in accordance with the cultural and ecological sustainability of the island of Biševo. Residents are encouraged to use the island's resources responsibly and perceive tourism / tourists as a possible artistic resource suitable for recycling, transformation.

The BIAR residency program is regionally and internationally oriented. All residents automatically become members of the Biševo Association. Residents participate daily in the maintenance of residential space and the environment, and by donating one or more of their own works, they contribute to the construction of the BIAR art fund.

By forming such an active alternative community of creatives, we strive to achieve a sustainable symbiosis of tourism and culture.

As part of BIAR, there is a cultural program of public gatherings, lectures, cinema screenings, astronomical evenings, etc., open to all residents, temporary residents of the island and tourists.

Users access the residency competition through the BIAR website by filling out an application .

* all residents / groups are encouraged to incorporate / use the materials available on the island - for the purpose of sustainability and the very nature of the residences

Bisevo summer – BILjET

Biševo Summer - BILJET event operates as a curated seasonal residency program within BIAR, which takes place during the summer period from early July to late August each year. The residencies last a minimum of one week, with arrivals and departures organized every Friday, due to the compliance of ferry lines with Split . At the end of each TICKET, a multidisciplinary exhibition is planned to mark the overall operation of the program. As part of BILjET, BIAR cooperates with artistic and cultural associations / organizations, as well as artists / groups of artists, and parachute participation is also possible.

Duration: 1.7.-1.9. every year. The curator (or curatorial team) of the Biševo Summer each year defines a concept that always refers to the general concept of BIAR. After the published program, the process of applying, curating, designing and planning summer residences begins.

Users access the residency competition through the BIAR website by filling out an application .

This event was made with the aim that in the summer months, when a large influx of tourists intensifies the impact and visibility of BIAR activities on the local community, it tries to achieve a certain cultural-subversive impact on the tourist being.

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Volunteering on the island

We started with the role of hosts in volunteering projects back in 2015 with the aim of bringing a breath of good will, volunteerism, youth, cultural and linguistic exchange into our NGO and our local community, to build tolerance so that everyone grows into better individuals, and thus creating a better community.

Our association implements volunteering projects in its residence, and until October 2021, we hosted 92 volunteers on the island of Biševo on international volunteer projects who donated 2760 working hours.

In the summer of 2017, the artists exhibited their works in Mezoporat Bay
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