Welcome to Bisevo!

Frequently asked questions

Before arrival


Are travel and food costs covered?

The residence is privately run and currently does not receive financial support of professional organizations or the government institutions. Travel and food expenses are covered by resident artists.

Accommodation (in the house or in the garden) is free.

Arrival on the island

How will I get to Biševo (Porat Bay)?

During the summer, the local ferry line runs every morning at 8:00am, and on Fridays there is an additional afternoon line at 3:30pm. During winter the ferry departs every other day.

The ferry stops in three bays: Mezuporat, Salbunara and Porat. It would be ideal to get off the boat at the last stop - Porat.

Once you are leaving Biševo, it is best to plan to catch the local ferry line on Fridays, as it returns to Komiža (island Vis) in the morning. This will make it possible to catch the ferry that departs town of Vis for Split at noon. Be sure to check all timetables as there are four seasonal sailing schedules.

For specific occasions, we can organise accommodation in Komiža or privately run transport to Biševo (boat rental at the expense of the resident).

Life in Residence

What are my responsibilities once I get to the island?

All residents are asked to help with garden maintenance (watering, planting, maintenance, cleaning and water collection) or cleaning macchia and stones around the house.

It is extremely important to cultivate good neighborly relations; say hello to the neighbors when you see them in the garden or on the road, ask them how they are and if they need any help with something.

Before leaving, be sure to sweep the room from sand that will accumulate over time.

There are an unusual number of cats around the house.

Yes. The cats are quite aggressive and have a tendency to steal food from the table and sneak into all the rooms. For this reason, please do not feed cats around the house (or neighbors’ plots).

Is it possible to wash clothes?

Laundry can be washed by hand, in a plastic wash bawl or in a washing machine (be sure to bring your own detergent for hand or machine washing).

How much food should one bring to the island?

It is recommended that the resident (or group of residents) put together their daily menus for each day of on the island and accordingly make the shopping list and buy food accordingly.

We recommend that resident groups to plan and cook meals together, instead of each resident preparing a meal for themselves.

Composting, separation of paper and returnable packaging.

Near the house there is a composter. Waste appropriate for composting varies leftovers from preparing various dishes/meals, potato peelings, leftovers from peeled fruits and vegetables, including cooked vegetables, but NOT meat and processed foods. Processed food is not thrown into the composter.

We keep a compost bin in the kitchen. After cutting vegetables or fruits, throw the waste in the bin. When the bin is full, empty it into the composter.


  • leftovers of cooked fruits and vegetables
  • raw fruits and vegetables
  • egg shells
  • animal hair, feathers
  • charcoal or wood ash
  • tea bags
  • ground coffee and filter
  • newspapers, matte cardboard (uncoated, glossy), paper towels
  • leaves (brown for carbon and green for nitrogen-rich soil)
  • mown grass
  • plant and flower waste
  • various yard waste

Not for compost:

  • meat
  • leftovers of cooked meat and bone dishes
  • dairy products
  • animal feces
  • tobacco
  • processed food
  • plastic
  • substances made by man
  • metals

Glass and plastic bottles, which fall into the category of deposit refund, are disposed of in separate containers which are then returned to the island of Vis.

Can I take a shower after swimming in the sea?

Due to water shortage during the summer months, we ask you to use a public well with ? water located less than 50 meters from the house.

Are pets allowed?

Yes, but with prior notice. Please make sure that the pet does not dig up the planted flowerbeds, does not chase the cats or wanders off to the neighboring plots. If your pet is staying in the house, make sure to thoroughly clean the room before leaving.