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Why are we here? We are committed to raising standards and improving the system of environmental and nature protection, encouraging public involvement and participation, and advocating the creation of a responsible society aware of the connection between people and nature. We are here to protect the public’s interest and right to a healthy environment.

The goals of the Association are the appropriate valorization of the comprehensive heritage of the offshore island of Biševo and the management of cultural, historical and natural resources of the island through the application of a sustainable development strategy.

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Biševo – an alternative guide to the island

It is a guide-diary of sorts, the creation of which was participated by the residents of the Biševo Island Artist Residency, who were still students at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb at the time. The guide was created in 2019, and for now it is only available in digital format. The goal of this guide was to show the impressions we experienced as short-term residents of the island, and each of us intervened on a specific topic. In addition, we have included some general information about the island, enriched with drawings and photographs. The following contributed their works: Ivan Barun, Andrej Beštak, Sara Grubić, Ana Jurčević, Agata Lučić, Apolonija Lučić, Ana Maria Maravić, Filip Pilj, Tara Beata Racz, Svan Radulović Matica and Josip Rončević. The guide was edited and designed by Agata Lučić.

Biševo - alternativni vodič po otoku

The first Makers island workshop

Makers are creative individuals who use simple technologies to DIY (Do It Yourself) to create new devices, as well as improve existing ones. At the Makers Island Workshop in Biševo 2019, a diverse group of makers will work together, use their simple technological skills and creativity to solve local issues (water, waste, island mapping) and leave their projects to the local community.

Guided by the thought "be the change you want to see in others", this is a small attempt with great love for the island to enrich Biševo with the creative energy of Makers, leave their small technological creations to make life on the island better, and further share this experience with the whole world.


We are happy to invite all those interested to the new volunteer project of our Association.

Public tender for an editor (or editors)

We are looking for someone who will design a fanzine, and those who would like to write and graphically design it. The idea is that each edition of the fanzine deals with a theme or event of the residency.

If you have the will and inspiration, contact us and come to us on the island and start writing and/or designing, and you can also write/or design from home.

What do we offer?

We offer a two-week stay in Biševo in the association's premises during the creation and editing of the fanzine. Brainstorming and working in the original atmosphere of the Biševska residence, and exploring the island.

A certificate of completed volunteer project that you can attach to your resume.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for person/s who are fans of our association's work, want to join and contribute with their knowledge, will and joy. The conditions are that you are an expert in the topic you will write about, it can be just a hobby or interest, but that you can present an observation or concept in a simple and understandable way.

We expect the editor to put together the sections and basic features of the fanzine. In principle, they would like the reading to be easy to read, illustrated, entertaining, simply written, meaningful, connected to sources and popular.

The fanzine concept can also be put together in a home environment. The person who edits the fanzine should suggest the format of the fanzine and the printing method.

Financial compensation

Although we greatly appreciate your work, currently writing a fanzine is one of the volunteer positions. Our residence is based on a private initiative without the support of institutions, so volunteer work in exchange for the experience of the island and accommodation with us is the only option we have.

If you know how to write projects and apply for financial support (or you know someone who could do it), we, like the Association, will be happy to support you and pay you a fee.

Topics we cover

History of the island, sociology of the population: life on the island, profile of people from the island, archaeology, astronomy, natural and cultural resources of the island, flora and fauna, wild and medicinal plants, permaculture, landscaping, landscaping of dry walls and piers, artistic residences, artistic and cultural programs, association work, healthy lifestyle, volunteering in the community, vegetarian/vegan recipes, etc…


Send your application to the email address: [email protected]. In the application, please provide us with your previous experience and a short CV.

Research of the island’s climbing capacity

During a ten-day stay, a group of alpinists, members of AO Željezničar (on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of HPD Željezničar) explored the rocks of the island from a climbing perspective and thus began the process of creating a small climbing guide for this charming and isolated Adriatic island.

On one such survey of the west coast, we discover an interesting vertical and in places overhanging rock barrier above Potok bay, up to twenty meters high and almost a hundred meters long. The diversity and beauty of the lines won us over at first, and the rest of our days were devoted to clearing access roads, climbing "trad" lines and top rope scouting for future questioned lines.

Biševo – International Dark Sky Park

Measurements of the night sky on the island of Biševo show remarkable values that are very close to the almost completely naturally dark night sky (with the darkest measured value of 21.72 mag/arcsec2 at 21:48, from a location on a hill near the Porat bay). Considering the very small population and the distance from the mainland and other islands, this is expected, but precisely because of this, the importance of preserving such a natural sky for the local ecosystem should be emphasized.

Since there is less and less natural night sky in Croatia, it is of great importance to preserve the quality of the natural night that Biševo has.

The value of the dark sky of the island of Biševo was also recognized by the Zagreb Observatory - the Zagreb Astronomical Association, which in this context supported the initiative to declare the island of Biševo a significant landscape.

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